Is this Supernatural?

Okay I know it’s probably sarcastic but I love Pushing Daisies so here goes my very first gif rant.

Basically it’s about this guy named Ned with a special power

For one minute… any longer and someone else had to die. But there is one additional catch.

Yeah… that’s his mother. And that little gutwrencher is in the introduction to the first episode. The bulk of it takes place when Ned is an adult, putting his talent to use solving murder cases… by asking the victim.

Who are usually surprisingly cheerful. Yeah, that’s basically Col. Sanders after being kentucky fried. But this show is not as dark as it seems.

This is CSI: Candyland.

His partner in solving crime is Emmerson Cod, mostly in it for the money, who pops off lines like that in most episodes.

Olive is the best. She is so cheerful! Grade A role model. This show can get really sassy sometimes.

But mostly it’s just Emmerson.

It’s so colourful! It’s basically some very strange return of the vibrant stories you may or may not have heard as a child. It’s a live action storybook!

Complete with storybook romance. Chuck was Ned’s childhood sweetie, and he sees her for the first time in years in the first episode… after she is murdered on a cruise ship. So they can’t touch but still make things work. Just to be clear: no teasing or anything. They are very clearly in a relationship right away. No sexual tension here.

But honestly I’m here for Emmerson and Olive being amazing. Oh! That’s another thing!

Olive’s got a crush on Ned, and they do tease that from time to time. But right from the get-go it becomes very clear that Olive’s subplot isn’t about getting Ned- it’s about giving him up because he’s already in a relationship. Jeez, when’s the last time a love triangle’s solution was recognizing that there was no actually love triangle? I can’t remember.

I like this show. Or I did. Until it got canceled. Sorry.



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FKA twigs - Two Weeks - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two


The cast of Skins can be found just about everywhere this fall. Among those in theaters and returning to the small screen:

  • Jack O’Connell – Starred Up (Aug. 27), Unbroken (Dec.)
  • Hannah Murray – God Help the Girl (Sept. 5)
  • Kaya Scodelario – The Maze Runner (Sept. 19)
  • Joe Dempsie – Monsters: Dark Continent (Sept. 26)
  • Sean Teale – Reign (The CW) (Oct. 2)
  • Dev Patel – The Newsroom (HBO) (Nov. 9)
  • Nicholas Hoult – Dark Places (Nov.)



 I love the fact that you know, for example, you don’t really see people moan or cry so much with snot dripping down their face. When you have a crying scene, people have their makeup on and look nice, but in life we are all ugly sometimes—whether you’re you’re making love or fighting, etc.—and what’s important is just the beauty of the situation and the act. Sometimes when you cry you can be dignified but it’s also just honest.

Adèle Exarchopoulos


Had a lovely lunch with the incomparable Tom Daley; don’t mind us, we’re a couple of messes.


Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high five/ass slap combo omg

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